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Tell us about your home and the time frame in which you would like to sell. Remember, we are an interested buyer, not a real estate company.  There are no sales commissions, closing costs or surprise fees.


We’ll do an in-person property analysis, but don’t make a fuss.  There’s no need to straighten up, paint the walls or remodel the kitchen. If your home is what we’re looking for, we’ll make an offer AS IS.


We’ll make an offer that’s all inclusive - no extra fees – and answer all your questions.  Because we are a cash buyer, there is no appraisal, no mortgage hoops to jump through, no final inspection.  We can settle very quickly.

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Simply give us a few details to begin.  No risk, no obligations.

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the Co-founding members of Grey West Properties

Daniella Weeks, Real Estate Investor/
Sacramento Market

Daniella is an ambitious real estate professional with a passion for interior design. She is a University of Oregon graduate and a California licensed real estate agent with Berkshire Hathaway Drysdale Services. 

She is a market specialist in the Sacramento area and enjoys offering a "cash purchase" option to homeowners who are struggling to sell their home due to aesthetics, condition or personal circumstances.

Christian French, Real Estate Investor/
Sacramento Market

Christian is an avid investor and an independent licensed real estate agent in California. He has a Bachelors degree from University of Oregon in Business and Economics and was born and raised in the midwest so he is an expert when it comes to that market as well as Sacramento. 

As an outside linebacker for the Seattle Seahawks, Christian is nimble, able to adapt and overcome any obstacle that gets in his way.  If you're having trouble selling your home, Grey West Properties may be able to help.


Let's meet. It's just coffee.

If you prefer, we can meet in person at a location of your choice and grab a coffee.  Tell us about your property- perhaps you have a unique situation - and see how we might be able to help. No commitments, no obligations. Just coffee.


Are you a real estate professional too?

Real Estate Agents

Are you passionate about the Sacramento market and looking for incremental income opportunities? When you work with us, you can benefit from steady repeat business and increase the number of transactions where you make both sides of the commission.


We are serious cash buyers, constantly searching Sacramento for great buys on residential and commercial real estate.  Contact us if you are interested in partnering on deals and sharing the profits.


We buy several properties each month and remodel them for resale. We’re could use more general contractors and tradesmen who are looking for a steady stream of work.  We pay fair wages, and we settle up when the job is done.

Private Money Lenders

When you work with us a private lender, you essentially become the bank.  Generate cash flow and a predictable income stream - all while providing excellent security for your principle investment.