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Common Questions.  Clear Answers.

If you're considering selling your home for cash, you should read these first.

You SHOULD have a lot of questions. Selling your home is a big step, and selling your home for cash to a private buyer is unfamiliar territory for the average home owner.  Here are answers to the most common questions we get.  Of course, if you have additional questions or unique circumstances, please contact us.  There's no such thing as a dumb question. Just email us at and you'll get you some answers.

Free Cash Offer?  What's the catch?
People often assume that once they request a cash offer, or even take it to the next step and set up a home visit, that they are obligated in some way to work with us.  Absolutely not the case!  We’re more than happy to make you a cash offer, answer your questions, visit your home.  There's no obligation and you are free to accept or decline the offer.

Do you only buy single-family homes?
We are interested in all types of properties.  Single family homes, condos, townhouses, duplexes, multi-tenant buildings, and even some commercial properties as well.

How do you come up with your offer amount?
There is a lot of thought that goes into our offers.  We have the process of estimating the cash value of a property down to a science. Before making you an offer, we collect a lot of information:

  • The condition of your house
  • The repairs and renovations necessary to renovate the home
  • The approximate cost of all required labor and materials and the amount of time it will take
  • The value of the property after we complete the renovations and value of comparable surrounding properties
  • The estimated cost for us to market the home once it's ready to sell
  • The cost of owning the home until its sold, including insurance, utilities, taxes, loan payments, and more.

We take into account the potential resale value of your home once renovated, and subtract all of the associated costs.

Will You Pay Market Value For My House?
We make a fair cash offer based on the expected market value of your house after a full renovation, less the costs of renovating and reselling the home.

We are real estate investors.  When we invest our time and cash in your home, we take on all of the risks in hopes of making a profit in the future.  Due to the circumstances, this often requires us to buy at a discount.

While our offer may below full market value, selling to Grey West Properties provides a number of benefits to the seller:

  • We buy “as is,” so there is no need to pay for costly repairs and renovations
  • There’s no need to deal with realtors or pay realtor commissions.
  • No closing costs
  • We pay cash so there is no appraisal
  • Deals don’t get delayed or fall through because of bank requirements or lack of financing.
  • We close on your schedule and there's no settlement fee
  • If you’re in a rush, we can close in as little as three weeks, so you can move on.

If my house is in good shape, are you still interested?
Your house may not be distressed, but we’d still like to hear from you. Your house may still be a good investment for us. Whether your house needs a lot of work or just a little, request a cash offer.  You have nothing to lose!

Who is the typical seller that you work with?
People from all walks of life throughout Sacramento sell their house for cash to real estate investors like Grey West Properties. Perhaps they need to sell quickly or want the flexibility that comes with selling to a cash buyer.

Here are some situations that lead people to sell to real estate investors like us:

  • To sell an inherited property in poor condition.  They don't want to invest money in renovating because they'd rather sell it.
  • To unload a rental property with problem renters.
  • To sell quickly due to job transfer or relocation.
  • To sell and divide up assets following a divorce
  • To get out of a possible foreclosure situation due to falling behind on mortgage payments.
  • To avoid dealing with a structural or major repair issues.
  • To move and not invest their own money in repairs, painting, or cleaning.